Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Cat-toonz

Hey everyone...sorry I've been slacking on this blog.
Life has been crazy as I'm sure everyone's life is these days!
But thought I should share with you my new Toonz at Life With Cats Website.
The first one is drawn based on the new family pet we bought.  It took some nagging and serious pleading from the kids before my husband and I caved in!  We brought home a black and white hamster named Elvis. We had him home for three weeks shut in my daughters room, before the cats ever knew.  We finally bought a hamster ball for him, so he can roam the living room and tantalize the cats!  It worked!  They were so curious to what that was in a rolling ball; although one of my cats, Winnie was very stand -offish.
So hence my new comic.  My cat Eddie followed that hamster ball everywhere and I could just see the wheels turning in his head.  FOOD catered to me in a rolling ball!!